This woven stabilizer provides the ultimate support and stability to the most difficult category of knitted materials. Lightweight, ultra-stretchy knits made from the finest yarns can be successfully embroidered using a single layer of this firm woven fabric hooped completely in the hoop beneath the knit.

Ideal for moisture-wicking fabrics, multi-directional knits and similar technical knitted materials.

Shrink-wrapped product comes in our new revolutionary Forever Label system with a permanent, color-coded fiberboard ring with easily identifiable usage icon.
The Silver Bullet Stabilizer for Stretchy Knits

Grab a piece of thin stretchy knit and stitch a design with outlines using the Stretchy Knit stabilizer. Don’t cut it away – let your customers turn it over and see the magical woven stabilizer that removes all stress related to stitching on lightweight knits – even moisture-wicking and all-way stretch materials.