The tool package for the ash vacuums makes cleaning your pellet stove, corn stove, wheat stove, or wood stove clean and a dust or ash free process.

The tool package includes:

Horse hair cleaning brush
This is used for cleaning the ash off the window or your decorative logs in your fireplace or fireplace insert. Many times the glass of your pellet, corn, wheat or wood stove will end up with soot or smokey look as it gets dirty from running the stove. The brush will fit on the outside of your hose end to make cleaning your glass or decorative inserts easy.

Pellet stove cleaning hose
The pellet stove cleaning hose is a flexible hose that fits in the inside of the hose end. This hose is used to clean in all the nooks and crannies that your pellet or corn stove have. Only 1/2 inch in diameter the cleaning hose will fit in many places the regular nozzle will not. When your stove is better maintained, it will last longer, run better and your home will stay cleaner. (which means your wife will be happier.)

Crevice tool
The crevice tool will fit on the outside of the ash vac hose end. This is used to get in bigger places than the pellet stove cleaning hose but smaller places where the metal nozzle will not fit.