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Important Choice! Miele B990 Dry Press only comes in 110V. If you need 220V please select Miele HM16-80 33" Wide Rotary Steam Ironing Press with Continuous Feed and 220V

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Miele brings the rotary iron into your home. The wide width roller allows you to press everything from shirts and pants to bed linens and tablecloths. The rotary iron has wheels for easy transportation and folds away for easy storage.

Since 1899, Miele has been dedicated to producing state-of-the-art home appliances, and we support your passion for a crisp, professional finish on your linens with our rotary irons. Its versatile operation will enable you to give all your laundry a smart finish. While the rotary iron has design features comparable to much larger, industrial machines, it has specifically been designed for home use and can be plugged into any 120-volt outlet, adding that crowning touch to your family’s laundry.

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Do you demand a high personal image, reflected in the smart, sharp appearance of your business and casual wardrobe? Are you someone who aspires for a perfect, pressed look to your dining area and garments? Do you want to set the perfect table, with the most elegant arrangement, perfect napkins, and a wrinkle-free tablecloth?

If so, Miele has the solution.

Treat yourself to professional results and ironing in luxury with the Miele B990 rotary iron. This easy-to-use appliance utilizes a wide press roller, allowing you to press everything from shirts and pants to bed linens and tablecloths—all with a crisp, professional finish. The electronically-controlled roller speed can be adjusted to suit the type of laundry being pressed, as well as your own individual working speed. This function is easily operated through the use of a foot pedal, allowing you to sit and relax while you iron.

Miele is a German manufacturer of high quality commercial equipment, and is able to enforce the highest standards on its products by manufacturing all of its products in its nine privately-owned factories.

The Miele B990 Rotary Press Instruction Manual

Professional Results
Sit and iron in comfort with the Miele rotary iron. Its versatile operation will enable you to give all your ironing a smart and professional finish. While the rotary iron has design features comparable to much larger, industrial machines, it has specifically been designed for home use. Thanks to its clever fold-away mechanism and wheels, it can be stored in many places.

Wide-Width Roller
The wide roller was designed for versatility and easy of ironing. The expanded width allows greater control over efficiency and speed, allowing you to press everything from shirts and pants to bed linens and tablecloths. This unique product gently presses delicate lace or puts razor-sharp creases into pants.

Open-End Roller Design
The open end of the roller is particularly useful for ironing awkwardly shaped items such as shirts and blouses, which can be fitted over the open end without having to be being folded. The open end also allows for easy ironing of very wide items, such as sheets and tablecloths.

Swing out bar for hanging laundry
A simple yet all too absent function of iron presses, the swing out bar is designed to speed up your ironing, allowing for quick and easy manipulation of your clothes. Furthermore, it collapses down with the rest of the machine for easy storage.

Easy Folding
Finished work is automatically deposited on the laundry shelf beneath the roller in even, soft folds. The ample space between the shelf and the roller allows for large items to be pressed.

Comfortable Ironing with Extra Leg Room
The Miele rotary iron is very easy to use. By gently pressing the wide foot control bar, the heater plate contacts the roller which begins to rotate. Your hands are free to guide the laundry smoothly and accurately. The roller can be rotated by hand for ease when feeding in laundry.

Foot Pedal Operation
Easy control of the device comes from the touch-sensitive foot pedal, a large bar built across the bottom of the B990 Rotary Iron for convenient access.

Three Temperature Settings
The temperature range is marked by dots and fabric controls on the ring around the temperature selector. These correspond with the international fabric care symbols for ironing. One dot is for the minimum temperature setting which is perfect for synthetics; two dots for mid-range temperature, ideal for woolens and silks; and, three dots for the highest setting... perfect for linens and cottons.

A glimpse of the machine in operation.

Finger Guard
The wide space between the hotplate and the roller makes it very easy to feed in the items being ironed. An automatic finger guard device is a special safety feature. If, during the ironing process, your fingers come too close to the hotplate, a safety switch will stop the roller rotation and lift the heater plate off the roller.

Emergency Release Button
This special safety function kicks if your fingers come too close to the heater plate. This automatically stops the roller rotation and lifts the heater plate off of the roller.

Variable Roller Speed
The roller speed can be adjusted to suit the type of laundry being processed and the individual's working speed.

Fold Away Design and Transportation Wheels
The four rollers allow the rotary iron to be easily moved wherever you need to do your ironing. When folded away, the rotary iron requires minimal floor space; in fact, only a scant 2.4 sq.ft of space is required.
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Dimensions (Open): 39-3/8" Wide x 37" High x 16-3/8" Deep
Dimensions (Closed): 19-5/8" Wide x 41-3/4" High x 16-3/8" Deep
Weight: Approximately 84 lbs
Color: White
Power: 15 Amps Plug Rating, 120 Volts
Shipping: FedEX Freight

Performance specifications:
Roller diameter: 16 cm
Roller length: 83 cm
Ironing throughput: 15 kg/h according to DIN 11902 at 20% initial residual moisture
Control system:
-Infinitely variable temperature control
-5 roller speed settings

Polyester needle felt roller cover
Treadle switch controls
Chrome-plated airing bar
Heating: Electric
-Return feed operation
-Aluminium trough
-Folding frame for ease of storage
H x W x D (when unfolded): 96 x 98 x 38 cm
H x W x D (when folded): 105 x 50 x 38 cm

Safety features:
  • Patented finger guard
  • Manual trough release in event of power failure
  • Temperature limiter

    Test certificates:
    VDE / CCA

    Please review our Freight LTL Shipping Policies
    Ships FedEx Ground Freight.

    * For delivery please specify in the Above Option: "Lift Gate" which means a goods lifting platform installed at the rear of the delivery truck that facilitates the unloading of cargo from truck bed to the ground. Most shipments will require a lift gate, if their is not a loading dock, or fork lift available for delivery.
Included Accessories
  • Instruction Book Operating Manual
  • Three Wire Grounded Power Cord
  • Warranty Documentation
Other Images

icon Folds Up for Roll Away Upright Storage

icon Portable on Wheel Casters for Moving to New Locations or to Storage

icon Ideal height for operating from a seated position.

icon Takes up about 1 square foot of floor space for storage.

icon Roller Press is open on one end for overflow.

icon Variable Temperature from 95-340°F

icon Rolls on Casters for hardwood floors or carpet.

icon Finger guard prevents hand getting caught between ironing plate and roller.

icon Foot pedal for variable and continuous feed of materials to be ironed.

icon Freearm open end allows for overflow of materials

icon Swing out folding rod built in.

icon Drap materials over swing out holding rod

icon Iron body of shirt before sleeves

icon Works in any room with an electrical outlet.

icon Ideal for ironing table cloths and linens.

icon Men lover to iron on a rotary press

icon Operator controls.

icon Parts diagram

The Miele Rotary Iron Press is similar to the older Mangle press models from the past. A Mangle (as it is called in the UK) or Wringer (as it is called in the USA) is a mechanical laundry aid consisting of two rollers in a sturdy frame, connected by cogs and, in its home version, powered by a hand crank or electrically. While the appliance was originally used to wring water from wet laundry, today mangles are used to press or flatten sheets, tablecloths, kitchen towels, or clothing and other laundry.
Sent: Sat Jan 09,2010, I recently purchased a roller iron from you and wanted to see if you have anything to eliminate static. Dryer sheets don't work. I've rubbed them all over the machine. If I ever go crazy and need electric shock therapy...I've already had it! This machine creates so much static electricity! Help!

Lisa, You can use an antistatic rubber mat on the floor for the operator to stand in front of the Miele Rotary Press, or antistatic spray. I am sure during cold weather and less humidity there will be static build up around the machine, but the only way to reduce it is by using the mat or spray until it gets warmer and more humid.

She could also make sure the clothes have some moisture in them before she begins to iron. The irons perform their best when there is residual moisture in the garments. The rubber mat and antistatic sprays should also help. —Miele
Brenda, Illinois
This is the second Presser we have purchased from your company. We have been very pleased with the results we get from your product. Thanks again.

Louise, Arizona
I just love my new Miele Ironing Mangle! I have wanted one for years and years! After spending thousands and thousands of dollars on other people over the past few years, helping them out with bills and living expenses,(didn't do them any good) I felt I should spend some money on myself. I finally did myself a favor and bought one! It is very expensive, and that is what has stopped me in the past from purchasing one. But, I also have about 20-25 new sheet sets-- 100% Egyptian Cotton-and they must be ironed, as I refuse to sleep on wrinkled sheets, or have any of my house guests sleep on them. It was very, very easy to purchase this Meile Mangle on your website. I really appreciate your very, very, fast shipping too! AllBrands has become one of my favorite places to shop now! Thanks!

Linda, Pennsylvania
Very happy with product. I look forward to some coupons to encourage me to continue to buy. My purchase was expensive, but quality is exquisite! Thanks.

Janet, Massachusetts
I am stunned that you could get this product to me in just 4 days! It was a heavy, large appliance. Additionally, I was stunned by not having to pay any shipping fees. The product is very satisfactory and the service was fantastic.

Dennic, North Dakota
We were totally impressed with our shopping experience and are thrilled with our new mangle iron, and hope to have many years of great ironing with it!. The whole process was so easy from start to finish.

Frederick C., Peru, IL
Thank you. My wife loves the unit.

John D, AllBrands
Wendy, the big advantage with the 34" wide German-made Miele Rotary Press is the foot-controlled continuous feed ironing, without having to move your fabrics around on an ironing table, and not having to move the iron shoe at all. It automatically clamps down on the fabric when pressing the foot control, and releases the fabric and shuts off the feed when you lift your foot off the pedal. AllBrands has sold over 300, mostly to B&B, nursing homes, resturants, caterers and institutions that have a lot of flat fabrics to press. There is nothing else like it on the market. I would not recommend an ironing board or clamshell type press even it is is wider. No extra wiring is required on the Miele and it comes fully assembled ready to plug into your 110V power source. Thanks. John Douthat, owner and tech.

Dennis, Durango, CO
Excellent follow up on order confirmation....product arrived one day ahead of schedule

Dennis, Durango, CO
Excellent follow up on order confirmation....product arrived one day ahead of schedule

Dennis P, Durango CO
Excellent follow up on order confirmation....product arrived one day ahead of schedule