The Ultimate Thread Conditioner. Strengthens thread while eliminating static. Prevents tangling and fraying. Safe for all threads and fabrics. Safe for all machines. Does not melt or freeze. Leaves no residue. 1 per card
Prevent thread tangling, fraying, and hand fatigue. Run thread through this conditioning formula to lend strength, and make hand or machine-stitching a piece of cake.

  • Better than wax, this conditioner strengthens thread for longer life
  • Thread Magic reduces drag as you stitch eliminating static, tangles and fraying
  • Instructions for use in hand sewing and machine sewing (upper thread and bobbin) are included
  • Set includes two of the Thread Magic
  • Allows for a smoother-running machine with less rethreading
  • Makes it easier to rethread
  • Safe for all threads, fabrics, and machines
    Hypoallergenic and acid-free
    Does not melt or freeze
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icon Taylor Seville TMROUND 2 of Thread Magic Rounders, In Line Silicone Applicator Thread Conditioners