*Set up for Wolly Nylon Thread to Fill In Narrow 1.6mm Wide Satin Stitch Rolled Hems. Regular poly serger threads cannot achieve the satin stitch look the wooly nylon can.

This Juki MO6704-150 is set up as exclusive and dedicated narrow rolled hem edge machine.

  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Parts Manual for Juki MO6700 Series

  • Stitch type: 1-needle overlock
  • Stitch style in the U.S.A.: 504
  • Max. sewing speed: 7,000rpm
  • Stitch length: 0.8
  • 4mm
  • Needle gauge (mm): -
  • Overedging width (mm): 1.6
  • Differential feed ratio:
    -For gathering 1:2(Max. 1:4)
    -For stretching 1:0.7(Max. 1:0.6)
  • Needle bar stroke: 24.5mm
  • Inclination angle of the needle: 20°
  • Needle mechanism: Needle bar method and upper/lower bushing
  • Needle: DC27(excluding some subclass model)
  • Max. lift of the presser foot: 7mm(excluding some subclass model)
  • Max. presser foot pressure: 63.7N (6.5kg)
  • Stitch adjusting method: By push-button
  • Differential-feed adjusting method: By lever (with micro-adjustment)
  • Weight of the machine head: 28kg
  • Lubrication: Automatic
  • Lubricating oil: JUKI Machine Oil 18 (equivalent to ISO VG18)
  • Needle cooler: Optional
  • Needle thread heat remover: Optional
  • Micro-lifter: Provided as standard

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Included Accessories
  • Instruction Manual
  • Needles
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icon Submerged Serger Power Stand Table Included.