March 20, 2023

AllerAir 5000 DXS HEPA Air Purifier Cleaner 5000DXS, 10Yr Ext Warranty* 3Speed, 400CFM, 50-75db, 8'Cord, No Ozone, 27Lb Carbon Filter Cigarette Smoke

AllerAir, 5000 DXS, Air Purifier,  3 Speeds, 400 CFM, 50-75db, 8 foot Cord, 27 pound Carbon Filter, AllerAir 5000 DXS Air Purifier Cleaner 5000DXS,  3 Speeds, 400 CFM, 50-75db, 8' Foot Cord, No Ozone, 27Lbs Carbon Filter for cigarette smoke

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Our 5000 DXS is part of our series of air purifiers designed to remove the harmful toxins and odors associated with cigarette smoke. This unit's extra deep-bed of carbon provides even more aggressive filtration than our DS series, and is ideal for smoky and/or oily environments.

Why AllerAir Air Purifiers
Backed by unparalleled expertise in air quality control and a superior filtration system, AllerAir air cleaners are individually customized to target the airborne pollutants of concern in the environment. Our units offer more filtration media than any other manufacturer, with the deepest carbon bed filters for chemicals, gases and odors, and superior medical-grade HEPA filters for particle control.

Cleaner Indoor Air
Clean air is recognized as a vital component for overall comfort, workplace health and safety as well as productivity. According to research from leading organizations like the EPA, WHO and Health Canada, indoor air pollution may pose more of a public health risk in North America than outdoor air pollution.

Green Features
  • All-metal housing
  • Ozone-free filtration technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Refillable carbon canisters
  • Styrofoam free
  • North American sourced parts and materials
  • North American assembly

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Extended US Warranty: 10 year repair or replace warranty
Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor.


Filtration System: 27 lb. carbon filter, 3.5" depth, micro-HEPA wrap rated at 99% efficient at 0.1 microns, Tar-trapping pre-filter
Carbon Weight: 27 lbs.
Surface Area of Carbon Media: 3375 acres
Micro-HEPA: Material rated at 99% efficient at 0.1 microns
CFM: 400
Speed: 3-speed
UV Lamp: Available
Available Colors: Black, Sandstone, White, Pewter, Red, Copper, Silver, Glossy Black
Voltage: 115/60Hz or 230/50Hz
Amps: (115V/230V) 1.3/0.5
Cord Length: 8 feet
Noise Level: 50-75 dB
Maneuverability: 4 x 2" wheels
Filter Access: Pre-filter bottom no tools, Main filters bottom with screws
Motor Details: Motor with a blower wheel
Dimensions: 20.5" (height) x 15" (diameter)
Shipping Weight: Approx. 58 lbs. 2 Boxes
Operating Weight: 46 lbs.
Number of Units per Pallet: Multiple
Please note this item are made to order by Aller Air, and can take 7-10 days before shipment
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