Miele is so confident in the quality of their products, they have designed a new, cost-effective way for you to multiply your warranty.

The MieleCare extended service contract delivers four additional years of worry-free operation of your appliances (five years total, Miele standard warranty is 1 year).

This contract can be purchased at any time, within one year of the original appliance purchase date.

This contract is not valid for rotary irons being used in a commercial setting. The manufacturers warranty on any residential equipment used for commercial use is 6 months parts & labor from the manufacturer.

Additionally, no major Miele appliance is excluded from this service program that covers you and your family with the following benefits:

"Thank you for calling Miele"
A staff of technical service representatives is available to effectively manage your questions, and if need be, schedule your service appointment on a day and time most convenient for you.
When you call Miele, you get Miele.

Convenient and Qualified Service
Miele's technicians or Miele's national network of authorized service providers will work with you quickly and efficiently to resolve any technical issues.

In fact, Miele employees perform the majority of at-home repairs.

Remember, a key benefit of the MieleCare extended service contract is that all services are administered by Miele—courteous, at home service is just a phone call away.

Power Surge Protection
From day one, you will be covered for any damage to your appliance caused by voltage irregularities due to thunderstorms or other electrical mishaps.

No lemons—guaranteed
If the appliance requires three repairs for the same problem after Miele's warranty expires, Miele will replace it, no questions asked.

Fully transferrable
If you move and leave your Miele appliances, the MieleCare extended service contract is fully transferable to the new owner.
No fees—just a little paperwork.

So you can enjoy your new Miele products from the first day forward, we recommend using the services of an Authorized Miele Installer.
AllBrands is not permitted to deliver Miele vacuums outside of the USA