This is only the stylus and the holder, or the assembly that attaches to the frame carriage. The stylus attaches right to your carriage and then guides your machine through the pattern. The optional Grace Company Pattern Perfect starter set includes eight patterns and the stylus assembly. If you are looking for the patterns with the stylus or want the stylus to use with patterns such as the additional designs that the Grace Company offers then this will work.
  • Top plate bracket NOT included
  • Stylus and Stylus holder do not attach directly to the carriage or machine. The Top Plate Bracket (for Top Plate & Handles) or Pattern Perfect Bracket (Q’nique Machines) is required for attachment
  • We do not recommend purchasing this, then purchasing the additional patterns to use together. If you have that intention, you should purchase the Plastic Pattern Perfect Set, or else miss out on the complete hardware included in the basic set.
  • Replacement part only
Lorraine L, Baton Rouge LA
Didn’t get the bracket I needed and I called customer service. Was sent bracket in 3 days! Excellent service