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Sara R, Richardson TX
I was so very impressed with the customer service. Every one involved in solving my issue ( it was a small purchase) from the president of the company, customer service manager, technical manager and shipping specialist did go above and beyond to fix my issue. This company takes customer service seriously and values the customer no matter what the value of the purchase is. Even during covid times the chat and email was working efficiently and timely.Thank you so very much.

Ms D, Las Vegas
This quilting table takes some time to put together, but worth every bit of the trouble in the end. I immediately set up my ironing board, serger and sewing machine the minute we finished putting it together; and I still have room to lay out my pattern and material.. It looks just like the picture. I love it. This company's customer service department is very easy and professional to work with if you run into any problems. They will be coming out with a how to video soon to help with the assembly of this particular quilters table. Thank you so much. I will be purchasing all of my needles and serger threads from you.

Janet H, San Antonio TX
It was difficult for me to actually find the gift card after it was purchased. I called the helpline and was told how to find it. I hadn't waited long enough. When I used it in the a West Ave store in San Antonio, they called to find out how to use it. Both ladies handled it very well and I was satisfied. Thanks for the savings.