*Extra Bonus Includes AllBrands BWG $40 Value 3 Year Nationwide Extended Warranty Enhancement, Repair Parts & Labor, Power Surg, Transfer Owner, No Lemon, Replace, Buyout% Depreciation, for Non Commercial Use in the USA.

See Compatibility Chart Below. Plugs into electronic computer sewing machine dedicated foot control port, eliminating the need to use your foot control. The Quilter's Cruise Control made in the USA, is a stitch length regulator for use with many short-arm quilting frames. It plugs directly into your sewing machine's foot pedal port. Using optical encoders mounted to your quilting frame, it actively changes the speed of the sewing machine as you move it over the fabric to help maintain uniform stitch length throughout the quilting project.

QCC will NOT work on Babylock BLQ2 not made by Brother, but WILL work on Babylock Quilters Choice Professional BLQP, and new Babylock Jane BL500A both made by Brother

Note: Plugs into foot control port of specified electronic sewing machines with frames, so you don't have to use a separate foot control. Requires quilting frame carriage platform to install x & y motion electronic encoders, which feedback the speed of platform movement, so the motor can speed up or down and maintain stitch length.

Using optical encoders mounted to your quilting frame, it actively changes the speed of the sewing machine as you move it to help maintain uniform stitch length throughout the quilting project.

• Made in the USA
• It is a stitch length regulator for use with many short-arm quilting frames.
• It plugs directly into your sewing machine’s foot pedal port.
• Optical encoders are installed on the carriages of a quilting frame to gather the speed information of the quilter's movement. This is transmitted to the brain of the Quilter's Cruise Control and then, in turn, to the
sewing machine. Without the optical encoders on the frame, there is no signal to the brain, etc. Therefore, there must be a frame with carriages for the QCC to work.

  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Free 3-Year Warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
*Current Compatibilities Available:

Sewing Machines

  • Babylock QCP Quilter’s Choice Professional (but not BLQP2 by Jaguar)
  • Bernina models 135-200
  • Brother PQ1300
  • Brother PQ1500
  • Brother PQ1500S
  • Brother PQ1500SL
  • Brother PQ1500SLPRW
  • Elna 7200
  • HandiQuilter Original HQ16 Machine and Frame
  • Husqvarna Viking Designer LE
  • Husqvarna Viking Designer SE
  • Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter
  • Husqvarna SE LE
  • HV Designer Diamond
  • HV Designer 1
  • HV Designer 1 USB
  • HV Designer II
  • HV Designer SE
  • Janome 1600P Series
  • Janome 6300P
  • Janome 6500
  • Janome 6600
  • Juki TL98E
  • Juki TL98Q
  • Juki TL98QE
  • Juki TL2010Q
  • Juki TL2000Qi
  • Pfaff Grand Quilter
  • Pfaff Creative Vision
  • Pfaff Classic Style 2023, 2025, 2027, 2029
  • Viking Husqvarna Mega Quilter
  • Viking Husqvarna Sapphire 850

    Quilting Frames
  • B-Line with inserts
  • B-Line without inserts
  • Bernina Quilting Frame
  • Grace and Little Gracie (black plastic carriages)
  • Grace and Little Gracie (wood and aluminum carriages)
  • Grace GMQ Pro Frame
  • Grace Mini-Pinni
  • Grace Next Generation
  • Grace Pinnacle
  • Grace Sturdy Lite Quilting Frame
  • HandiQuilter
  • HandiQuilter II
  • HandiQuilter HQ16
  • HandiQuilter HQ16 Machine and Frame
  • Happy Jack
  • Hinterberg (Original)**
  • Hinterberg (Stretch)**
  • Hinterberg (Summit)**
  • Inspira Imperial
  • Inspira Original
  • John Watts Quilter
  • New Joy: Gold Standard
  • New Joy: Magic
  • PC Quilter's Max Throat
  • Pennywinkle Valley Ranch
  • Quilt Easy
  • Super Quilter King
  • Super Quilter Proflex
  • Suzy Q Quilter
  • Ultra Quilter

    **may require compatible parts, purchased from frame manufacturer.

    If you do not see your sewing machine or quilting frame, contact us for future release dates. We are working on adding different versions. Some Quilters Cruise Controls can take 2 - 3 weeks for delivery depending upon your machine and frame combination. Cruise Controls for common machine and frame combinations such as Juki TL series and Janome 1600 series machine being used on current model Grace frames usually ship in 1 to 2 days. All Quilter's Cruise Control products are shipped directly back to the manufacturer and have a 25% restocking fee.
Included Accessories
  • Quilter's Cruise Control brain (5.3"L X 2.6"W X 2" Tall)
  • Optical encoders
  • Wiring harness
  • Mounting hardware (specific to quilting frame)
There are two ways to get stitch length regulation (QCC) on the Voyager 17 machine and frame. The first way is to purchase a regular QCC, as you currently have on your website. The price is the normal QCC price you are charging. This sometimes requires the customer to open up the control box of the Voyager 17 sewing machine and make adjustments in order for the idle speed for the sewing machine to work correctly. This is due to the fact that not all the sewing machines seem to be set the same way when they leave the factory. We have a separate controller for the Voyager 17 machine that works a bit differently. This involves the customer sending in their Voyager 17 machine head. We install a different control box onto the sewing machine, add the needle up down positioning function, and make all the internal sewing machine motor and electronic adjustments prior to returning the sewing machine and stitch length regulator to the customer. The customer must sign waivers indicating that they give us permission to work on the sewing machine and make changes and adjustments necessary for the stitch length regulator to work, etc. This work takes us the better part of a day to complete, and we charge USD699 plus return shipping. It involves quite a bit of interaction on our part with the customer during the process. QQC Quilters Cruise Control
How do I set up the Quilter's Cruise Control with my machine and frame?
All the installation instructions for the various frames we support are on the FAQ page on our website: www.quilterscruisecontrol.com. We also include a copy of the pertinent installation sheet in each of the boxes we ship out.Carol

The product that was purchased is very good, and it should be clearly stated that the item is not returnable, except for item exchange. Richard
Our warranty is 1 year parts and labor on defects in material and workmanship. That said, however, there are two more points to make. We have made ‘warranty’ repair on items older than 1 year, sometimes even when there is no defect and only mishandling or misuse of the product by the consumer. We charge return shipping on repairs that are sent in, either by Visa or Master Card, or if the customer desires, personal check in advance. If there is some aspect that is not repairable, we make a replacement. It may take up to 2 weeks for a repair to be complete and back on its way to the customer, based on time or receipt and production schedule in the back. Regarding return, there is a 15% restocking policy. The way it works is one of your customer service representatives takes down all the details. First we try to fix the problem, which works in 90% of the cases. Most problems are a matter or incorrect installation. On the remaining cases, when there is something else going on, not a defect or other problem that can be corrected by us or you, the customer gets approval in advance from you to return the product to us. When that happens, we check everything out to make sure all components have been returned and issue you a credit, which is then applied against your next monthly invoice. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Carol

How do you turn it off?
The Quilter’s Cruise Control, when engaged with the switch on the remote hand switch, starts the sewing machine needle up and down in what we call “idle speed.” That’s normal. The only way to stop the idle speed is to switch off the QCC with the remote hand switch.

How much does it cost?
The Quilter's Cruise Control® MSRP is USD559. Many of our authorized dealers have specials and quilting packages, so their prices may differ. The Quilter's Cruise Control® includes:
• The Quilter's Cruise Control® Brain and remote - specific to sewing machine

• Optical Encoders, wiring harness, and mounting hardware - specific to quilting frame

Where can I buy the Quilter’s Cruise Control®?
Contact one of our Authorized Dealers. Check your local listing for sewing machine and/or quilting frame dealers. Give them a call and ask if they carry the Quilter’s Cruise Control® . (We have a listing of dealers on this website, but our list is growing on a weekly basis, so it's not comprehensive and is regularly under construction.) For a Pfaff or Husqvarna Viking sewing machine compatibilities, contact an authorized Pfaff or authorized Husqvarna Viking dealer.

Where can I get additional information?
Contact your dealer. They should be able to assist you with questions specific to your set-up (machine/frame combination). Additionally, they may be well-versed with many different types of set-ups and therefore quite knowledgeable.

What type of guarantee is provided with purchase?
Please contact your dealer.

What type of warranty is provided with purchase?
12 months parts/12 months labor (PDF available below)

Will the Quilter's Cruise Control® work on both of my frames?
Some people have more than one short-arm quilting frame and would like the Quilter's Cruise Control® to work on both interchangeably. This is not totally out of the question. Although the mounting hardware is different for the different frames, it is available for purchase as a separate accessory. In some cases, you may be able to use the same two optical encoders and simply purchase separate hardware. In other cases, you may need to purchase a second set of optical encoders for the second frame, and utilize the same "Brain" for the two frames. Please contact us with the information on both frames, as we'll let you know what your options are. NOTE: if your frames are not listed as being compatible with the Quilter's Cruise Control®, we may not be able to accommodate your request. Additionally, this is only applicable for use with the same sewing machine: the Juki-compatible "Brain" will work only on the Juki TL98E; the Brother-compatible "Brain' will only work on the Brother 1300, Brother 1500 and Babylock QCP. You cannot use the Juki "Brain" on the "Brother" for example.

How do I know which B-Line frame I have?
There are 2 different types of B-Line frame available: QCC-ready and regular. The QCC-ready version has metal, threaded inserts on the top and bottom carriages (see left). This is where the optical encoders are mounted, using the bolts provided. Regular frames do not have this insert, thus requiring different mounting hardware. Shown: B-Line carriage with insert.

Will the Quilter's Cruise Control® help with needle and thread breakage?
Yes, using the Quilter’s Cruise Control® will virtually eliminate needle and thread breakage!

Most thread and needle breakage is caused by improper stitch length control. When the Quilter’s Cruise Control® is used, the sewing machine motor slows down when the machine slows down. When the machine stops, the sewing machine motor runs at its slowest speed. *Note* Your machine should be in good operating condition prior to using the Quilter's Cruise Control®. The Quilter's Cruise Control will not fix pre-existing problems such as a dull needle, improper tension, or a machine that has timing problems, etc.

What accessories are available? (see Accessories page for more information)
• Stylus Assembly is priced at USD35 (while supplies last)
• Driveway is priced at USD14
• Parking Space for Grace/Little Gracie is priced at USD19
• Additional Optical Encoders for second frame are priced at USD65 each
• Additional wiring harness for Optical Encoders is priced at USD29
• Additional mounting hardware for Optical Encoders is priced from
• Remote hand switch is priced at USD25
• Replacement Freeway, for Hinterberg frame USD10
• Replacement Double-ended connector cord USD10
• Replacement Power Supply/Transformer USD20
• Quilter's Cruise Control® Brain (only) USD400

It seems no matter what I do and no matter how fast I sew my stitch regulator speeds up and slows way down not matter how fast I am sewing. What am I doing wrong?
The problem you are seeing is caused by vibrations in the frame. The optical encoders ‘see’ the vibrations and think you are moving things really fast.

The solution: Get a very good quality mousepad, cut it in half. Place it on top of the frame carriage and then place your sewing machine on top of that. The sewing machine’s vibrations won’t go into the frame, rather be absorbed into the mousepad, and the optical encoders won’t ‘see’ any vibrations.

We find this problem occurs with the New Joy Gold Standard frame and the Inspira frame.

Can the customer use quilters cruise control with the speed limiter on this machine? She needs to be able to control the speed on the machine because right now it's going too fast for her. She already has the quilters cruise control on the machine. Marquita
If her Juki TL98E is going to fast with the QCC she already has, she only has to slow down the movement of fabric to get the motor will slow down. Sounds like she's moving the fabric too fast. John at AllBrands
Another reason it may be sewing too fast is if there's some kind of a vibration in the frame or the carriages that the optical encoders are picking up. This sometimes occurs when the frame is light-weight aluminum and gets a vibration from the sewing machine while you're quilting.
If this is the problem, it can be addressed by putting a good quality computer mouse pad on top of the top carriage and underneath the sewing machine. You will have to cut the mousepad in half and arrange it on the carriage. If this doesn't address the problem, then I can send some troubleshooting information to narrow down the problem. Carol at QCC
Rosemary, Florida
customer service great!!

Corliss, North Carolina
The instructions for installing the Cruise Control left a bit to be desired but I evenutally got it right.

Sharon, New Hampshire
This was my first experience with your company and I was very pleased. The customer service rep that helped me with my order was wonderful. I will recommend your company to the ladies that I sew with. Thank you for providing prompt and courteous service.

Jennifer, Australia
it was a pleasure doing business with your company. I will be shopping again in the near future.

Diane, Arizona
I receiced the cruise control 3 days after ordering. I saved $106.00 by purchasing it from you rather than a local shop. My husband installed it without problems. This cruise control has made such a difference. I used to get so frustrated trying to complete one pass on a quilt as the thread was constantly breaking or the bobbin thread bunching up. Now with this, the machine glides over the quilt. Thank you so much.

Victoria, Australia
Well done,,speedy accurate and easy site to use. I am already playing with my product. Thank you

Quilters Cruise Control,
When the sewing machine is turned on and the Quilter’s Cruise Control is plugged in to the sewing machine and you flip the switch on the remote hand switch, the sewing machine needle should start going up and down slowly. So that much is working correctly. This means that the Quilter’s Cruise Control and the sewing machine are communicating. Now, for the problem of no change in the speed of the needle going up and down, that means that the optical encoders are not communicating with the Quilter’s Cruise Control. This can be caused by several things. Please read and follow the suggestions below so that we can narrow down where the problem is. Regarding the speed slide on the front of the sewing machine if there is one: It should be in the middle range as this is the speed that works optimally with the usual settings on the Quilter’s Cruise Control. Also, the stitch length on the sewing machine should be set to zero. The Quilter’s Cruise Control is supposed to regulate the stitches so that they are all the same length. The only time this doesn’t work is if you are moving too fast (more than 2 inches a second), or if the optical encoders aren’t working properly (either because of installation problems or if there is something wrong with an optical encoder, a wire, or the QCC brain). Try this: First, unthread your needle. Turn on the sewing machine and the QCC. Ensure the machine light is on and the needle is slowly moving up and down. Move the carriages back to front only. This checks the operation of the optical encoder on the top carriage. Do the same moving the carriages left to right. This checks the operation of the optical encoder on the bottom carriage. If the problem seems to be the front to back stitching, follow this sequence: First we need to narrow down if it is something wrong with the optical encoder or the wiring harness or if it is an installation problem. With the encoder wheel on the top carriage between your thumb and forefinger, spin the encoder. Does the machine change speed? If so, that encoder and the wiring harness to it are working just fine and there is something wrong with the installation. If the sewing machine does not speed up and slow down, something is not right with the encoder or the wiring harness to it or the installation (see below for a couple of suggestions). If the problem seems to be the left to right stitching, check the optical encoder on the lower carriage instead. If this is an installation problem, follow this sequence: Make sure that the optical encoder “tires” or o-rings on the upper carriage are making good contact on the lower carriage. Depending on which frame you have, most if not all of the tires should be in contact with the lower carriage. Gravity should hold the encoder down, although it should not be so tight that you can’t raise it up and let gravity take it down again. Make sure that the encoder is spinning smoothly. If it’s hard to see, you might want to put a dot of white paint or fingernail polish on one of the edges to help see. If it is not an installation problem, follow this sequence: Now we need to figure out if it is the optical encoder or the wiring harness. The way to tell is by gently, very gently unplugging the wire from the optical encoder and swapping it over to the other optical encoder. If the problem moved, then the wiring harness is the culprit. If it stayed in the same place, then the optical encoder is the culprit. Lastly, I think that the reason your Quilter’s Cruise Control isn’t telling the sewing machine to speed up and slow down is because the wiring harness connectors aren’t properly plugged in to the optical encoders. When you insert the wiring harness into the optical encoder, the orange wire should be opposite the number ‘1’ on the encoder cap. If it is opposite the ‘4’ and you have tried to push it in, you may have damaged the pins inside the optical encoder port or craqcked or broken the white connector. Is it possible for you to take a digital picture of the way you are trying to install it and send it back to us? Also, take a picture of the inside of the port where the pins are located. They may be bent and causing a problem inserting the connector now.

Carol, Quilters Cruise Control
Hi, John, We have a request in with a local dealer to borrow one of the Berninas to determine if the later models than 134-200 will work with the QCC. I’ll let you know when I get the machine in and tested. Carol, Quilters Cruise Control

Susanne, Denmark
We here in Denmark could learn a lot. Great and kind service. I called Allbrands for questions. Great product! This is the first time I ordered, but not the last. From a very happy Danisch quilter

Mary, Maryland
I received the stitch regulator day after I order it, installed it myself and love it. I have been practicing designs and a scrap quilt but expect to work on my queen size quilt this week. So far it is a great product, and very happy with it. Thank you for great service so far. I also like the 5 year extended warranty.

Kelley, Oklahoma
I have looked at the Quilters Cruise control for about a year now. A wonderful piece of equipment and what a difference it has made in my machine quilting. So easy to use! Product delivered in a timly manner and tracking was easy to follow. Thanks so much!!!

Ronna, California
I am having some difficulty getting it to run correctly, but I have received a response to my query by e-mail and will try the suggestions I was given. I was pleased so far with the support response!

Curtis, Chickasha, OK
My husband figured it out and is presently using it. *If you would relay this message to the manufacturer I would appreciate it.* It's hard to stay angry with someone that goes the extra mile to help. My mistake has turned out to salvageable. Thank you again.

James, Ogdensburg, NY
This was an E-Bay "buy it now" purchase but the price was superior... And when I had a question someone promptly responded to my e-mail inquiry.

Kenneth K., Laingsburg, MI
Item ordered is for Christmas, will know about quality, performance, etc. soon. VERY FAST shipping on this and the other item ordered!

Lise R, Buford GA
I received what I ordered a lot quicker than I expected. All was great.

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