• Genuine Eureka FilteraireĀ® bags are designed to provide maximum filtration for your Eureka Upright Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Filteraire bags retain up to 99% of pollens, 98% of selected bacteria and 95% of all yeast and fungi that would normally be put back into the air in your home after vacuuming with standard dust bags. Filteraire bags trap 5 times more of these particles than standard dust bags.
  • For use on Eureka Ultra or Boss Smart Vac 4800 series uprights. For optimum performance, change your bags every 1-2 months. Store in a clean, dry place.
  • Case of 3 packs. Each pack contains 6 bags for a total of 18 bags.

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Premium vacuum bags designed to fit Eureka Omega Ultrasmart Uprights 4800 series, 4870, 4872 vacuum cleaners using Style RR bags. This item is sold 3 per pack.

Premium Designed to fit Eureka Omega Ultrasmart Uprights 4800 Series, 4870, 4872 vacuum cleaners Style RR 6 per package x3 bags equals 18 bags.
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icon Eureka 61115B-6x3 RR Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bags 18 Pack for 4870 4880

Paula, Pennsylvania
Fast Shipment - Great Product -Could Offer Lower-Price Alternative for This Vaccum Model-Brand of Vacuum Bag, Though. OVERALL SATISFACTION WITH YOUR COMPANY IS GREAT, IN ANY CASE! THANK-YOU