• An Intricate Web Of 3-Ply Random-Spun Fibers Allow The Intensive Clean Bag To Retain Significantly More Particles And Allergens Than With Conventional Paper Dustbags
  • Virtually Eliminates Clogging, Improving Suction Performance Even Further Millions Of Tiny Dust Particles Are Held Tightly Within Its Fibers, Keeping The Pores On The Surface Of The Dustbag Open Longer
  • Vacuum Cleaner Retains Its Excellent Suction Performance, Even When The Dustbag Is Full
  • Practically Tear-Proof, This Special Material Virtually Prevents Damage Caused By Sharp, Pointed Items In The Bag Or Through Misuse During Replacement
  • Comes Five to a Pack, plus:
  • 1 pre-Motor Filter
  • 1 Super Air Clean Exhaust Filter

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Karen, Texas
Excellent service, and the package arrived when it said it would. Immediate feedback about the shipping. Very much appreciate the service.

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