The Bissell PKBG25 vacuum cleaner bags are designed to fit on the Bissell BGU5500 upright vacuum. Trash, dust, and dirt are collected and held in the bag until it is ready to be changed. The Bissell PKBG25 vacuum cleaner bags come in a pack of 25.

Fits on the BGU5500 upright vacuum
Collects trash, dust, and dirt
Pack of 25
Vacuum Cleaner Bags, for model BGU5500
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Upright vacuum bags fit compatible upright vacuums to collect materials picked up during vacuuming.Vacuum bags collect vacuumed dust and debris for disposal. They also help filter out allergens and dust particles to prevent them from recirculating in the air. New or empty vacuum bags help prevent clogs, suction loss, and motor burnout. These bags typically fit specific vacuum cleaner brands or models. Disposable bags are discarded when full and replaced with a new bag to minimize contact with collected dirt. Reusable bags are shaken out when full and used again to reduce waste.

Bissell PKBG25 Specifications
Manufacturer Bissell
Product Type Floor Maintenance
Product Parts & Accessories
Part Type Vacuum Bags
Weight 2.40