Qnique Bobbin Case

High-grade aluminum bobbin case for the Qnique Quilter 14+ Quilting Machine.

This bobbin case is made of a high-quality aluminum and is made to fit perfectly for the Qnique 14+ Mid-Arm Quilting Machine.

It holds the large M-Class bobbin used by the Qnique.

If you want to play around with your bobbin tension to do decorative bobbin thread work, having an extra bobbin case can be very handy.

High-grade aluminum bobbin case for the Q'nique Quilting Machines.

Q'nique 15 machines/14+
Q'nique 21 and 21 Pro
Block RockiT
Brother Dream Quilter

Compatible with all Q'nique machines:
Brother Dream 15s

Adjusting Bobbin Case Tension First

Adjusting Top Tension if too tight

Adjusting Top Tension if too loose
Other Images

icon 66291: Grace ACC-01-10069 Qnique Extra Metal Bobbin Case, Aluminum M Class, for Longarm Quilting Machines 14+15R/PRO, Q19" Q21" and Brother DQLT15"

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