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Embroidery and Digitizing
Poor stitch quality, not sure which stabilizer to use, what about metallic threads? Ask or answer all types of embroidery questions here about techniques, machines, and use of software

Project Showcase
Show off your projects and enjoy tutorials made by members for members to use.

Sew Forum
Talk about anything from Sewing, Heirloom, Serging to Knitting, Crochet, Quilting and Crafting.

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Gail B, Mahomet IL
Allbrands has awesome free classes classes and videos. I have enjoyed and been a member of Sewforum that is sponsored by Allbrands for many years . Product quality and availability is great.

Lorraine C, UK
I would just like to say that when I purchased the ULT2002 I had a great experience with Allbrands and considering the machine was coming from Baton Rouge to England it arrived quite quickly. I know my machine is considered very old now but I love it. I have been a member of Sewforum for a number of years and have learned a lot from other members. Lorraine C

Marie , France
Hello I have just received my new EP 500 embroidery machine I am very happy with the product really fast deliveries I recommend this company.

I just wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU for this website! I have spent hours, and I do mean more like months:) browsing this website. There are sew many free downloads that my computer is probably gonna crash from all the designs! I also love love love seeing everyone else's finished products! I can't wait each day to see what new posts are up! Thanks again to everyone that contributes!

Happy Poster, SewForum
"This forum is the greatest by far of any I have found online. Wonderful people here, valuable information, just super all round. Thanks for having this forum available for all of us stitchers."

I agree with all of you......this is not only where I come to learn but I also come to relax.....I don't think anyone could find another site that would compare with SF.....thanks to all that make SF such a pleasure to come to.....Janet

Thank you to all the moderators that help keep Sew Forum safe for all of us. I am addicted and must log in daily. Even though the holidays were hectic and I didn't have much time to reply and oooh and ahhh and drool over everyone's projects. I did come to SF daily to take sneak peeks of all the wonderful creations. I love looking at everything....always inspiring and sometimes just the kick I need in my b-tt to get myself going :lol: I have learned so much here and value everyone's opinions and insights to everything....This is not just about is about fellowship and friendship. Happy 2010 everyone and may you craft up more wonderful creations....I'll be watching :lol: :lol:

THIS IS THE BEST PLACE I'VE EVER BEEN ON LINE.!! :D I love this place, it has helped me in ways I never dreamed of ! Thank All of You So Much :D Brenda

I, too want to thank all the moderators and everyone else involved at All Brands for keeping this forum going. The thing I like the best about this forum is how easy it is to read the "threads". Much better than any other site I've visited. Thanks again! One of these days I'll be brave enough to post one of my creations.

I just love everyone and everything I have learned on this site. I do this instead of watching TV because it is such a downer, and I just can't handle all of it. So great to have " friends " with such humor, giving and sharing. Thanks and blessings to you all.... Kitty

rebel rose,
This forum have provided a foundation for my embroidery experience. I have learned so many tips for embroidery and leads on just about every online purchase I have made. I would like to encourage everyone to participate in posting. That is what keeps this forum active and fresh. I lurked for a time, learning from everyone and I was so excited when someone posted a question to something I knew! Your projects, your knowledge, your tried and true methods may just be the thing someone else is wanting to know. Plus it is really fun to show and tell to people who are really interested and are not just trying to be polite. I especially appreciate the diverse age groups we have here. We all have our safety zone and it is nice to be able to look beyond that and stay fresh and current. So lets all take what we want and give what we have, Kim.

i agree totally i learn something everyday from our wonderful forum either by looking at projects or from informative projects of my new year resolutions is to upload photos of projects done cos i havent and could :oops: and i know how much pleasure i get from seeing other peoples work!!!!!...thanks for all you do hugs :) lunacat

Carol, You are absolutely correct. This forum is a friendship builder and an inspiration. The people on here have helped me several times. I love that you can switch back and forth ideas/inspirations. It's the best!!!! Laurie

Helli, Ireland
Hi everybody! My name is Helli and I live in a lovely seaside town in the Republic of Ireland with my SO and young gentleman Tom cat of some 18 years old. I love to craft and sew and am practising (a lot, LOL) the art of digitising! This forum has a great reputation and was recommended to me by a lady working in a haberdashers in Dublin City Centre so your fame stretches out across the pond. I am delighted to join this community and look forward to hearing about your sewing successes (and the less-than-perfects!) and sharing some of mine. Helli x

Sanda A, Gloversville NY
i also want to thank Allbrands for sponsoring the SewForum website. I only have lurked but have learned so much. It is a very valuable resource and I along with many others would be lost without it. Thank you very much- it is very appreciated. Sandy A.


I, too, am mostly a lurker and I LOVE IT HERE!!!! My granddaughters get many new outfits thanks to the inspiration and wisdom given on this site! Please everyone who posts - never stop - I love it!!


I concur 100% with your statement. This is the BEST sewing forum and I have learned and been inspired by many of our wonderful members!!


I agree there are a bunch of helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and downright awesome people here!!!!


I feel so lucky to have found this forum before I found any others. I too am here 4-5 times per day. Addiction to this site is my favorite vice! I want to thank all of those who have helped me either directly or by answering someone else's questions. You have instilled faith and confidence and helped put my fears to rest. I have learned to try anything because there is always someone who can help me with a fix. Thank you again for all you do and how much information and talent you are willing to share.


Enjoy, Sharing, learning from all of the members, it is a continuous learning cycle. Love when new techniques and products are introduced. So enjoy seeing everyones accomplishments. Thank You All!!


I agree 200%, this is the best forum ever...the ladies are so generous with their time and talent and so knowledgeable! I've learned SOOO much and a question never goes unanswered! Thank you ladies!


Best place to hang out. Of course in between sewing, embroidering and quilting.


I love Sewforum so very much! It's the best group ever, and thanks to you for all your hard work and efforts to keep it such!!