for Sewing, Quilting, Crafts, Hobby Work, Upholstery & More, Start your day by putting on Hand-Mates and your hands will feel more comfortable and relaxed than ever before!

  • Provides massage/heat/support relief from nagging aches and pain.

  • Should be used any time repetitive hand motion causes fatigue to hands or wrist.

  • Hundreds of uses including:
    Sewing & Quilting
    Craft & Hobby Work
    Computer Use
    Assembly Work
    Food Processing
    ..and more!

  • Heat...
    Naturally generated by the body, warmth is retained within the tightly knit fabric. This keeps muscles relaxed and stimulates circulation.

  • Support...
    Just like what support hose do for legs... Hand-Mates comfortably reinforce the palm and wrist - leaving your fingers free to handle your work.

  • Massage...
    The gentle "give and take" of the fabric keeps muscles free from fatigue and promotes better circulation...

  • Washable
    88% Nylon / 12% Spandex
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icon Insert your ring and middle fingers together through the center hole. Hand-mates can be worn under protective or sport gloves.