This sturdy portable storage container has the capacity to hold up to 104 spools of Metter thread. Comes filled with 1 spool each of the 40 best selling colors of Cotton Silk Finish art# 105.

Silk-Finish Cotton Thread Gift Pack. This is the perfect thread for the finest cotton creations. Made from 100% mercerized cotton; it is soft and smooth with a supple grip and a luxurious-soft effect. It has a high breaking resistance; reduced shrinkage; and is ironing-resistant and colorfast.

  • 40 Spools of Mettler Silk-Finish® 50 weight, 100% long staple, Egyptian cotton, natural fiber with high breaking resistance. Silk-Finish® is the right thread for cotton fabrics! This natural fiber is gentle on the skin, feels soft, smooth and silk-like. Silk-Finish® reaches a high breaking resistance, is ironing resistant and due to a special dyeing technology, an exceptional color fastness is guaranteed.
Elizabeth, New York
I will be back to order more Mettler thread as needed. You are a great company to shop with. I have added your company to my bookmarked favorites for sewing needs (and other items too!)

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