Never ruin another embroidery project due to thread nesting in the bobbin area.

Using the “NEW” uniquely designed RNK Thread-Nest Tool Set you will be back to embroidering in no time and your project will be free of damage! Our long hook and blade tool system are specifically designed to lift your hoop/fabric and cut through tangled threads accurately and precisely!


Hook Tool for raising the hoop/garment and gathering the “nest”
Uniquely designed curved handle for easy access under the hoop/fabric. Slide underneath and simply pull up to raise the hoop/fabric exposing the tangled threads. This gives you room to make sure you’re cutting thread, not fabric!
Use the shaped hook to gather the tangled threads under the hoop/garment.
Metal; 8-3/8” long to reach under large hoops.
Blade Tool for Cutting
With the hook exposing the thread, cut easily through the tangle.
Metal; has a replaceable blade at one end; 9-3/4” long (including the 1-1/2” cutting surface).
2 extra carbon steel blades included.
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