DVD-MP/Lace Shaping
Lace Shaping With Martha Pullen

Detailed explanations are given about the various supplies that are used for lace shaping and how to prepare your fabric before you begin. You will enjoy learning how and when to use several machine heirloom stitches along with the techniques for the basic shapes of lace shaping and the adaptations that are made for pinless lace shaping. By the time the DVD is finished, you will be making exquisite lace-shaped bows and dreaming of a wardrobe of heirloom garments featuring lace shaping.

  • Introduction
  • Preparing To Stitch
  • Supplies
  • Preparing The Fabric

  • Choosing Stitches To Attach Lace
  • Zigzag - Pinstitch
  • Entredeux Stitch - Baby Daisy
  • Decorative

  • Lace Shaping
  • Diamond - Heart - Scallops
  • Shape Combinations

  • Pinless Lace Shaping
  • Diamond - Heart - Scallops

  • Bows
  • Flip Flop Bow - Tied Bow

  • Extra Stable Lace Finishing
  • Scallops
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  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor