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Juki Home Serger Comparison Chart

MO-623 MO-644 MO-644D MO-654DE MO-655
Number of Needles 1 Needle 2 Needle
Number of Threads 2/3 Threads 2/3/4 Threads 2/3/4/5 Threads
2-Thread Sewing Option Standard
Needle Household machine size 11 or 14
Overlocking Width Standard: 4mm
Rolled Hem: 2mm
Left Needle: 6mm
Right Needle: 4mm
Rolled Hem: 2mm
Chain Needle: 10mm
Left Needle: 6mm
Right Needle: 4mm
Polled Hem: 2mm
Stitch Length 1 to 4mm (Standard:2.5mm)
Rolled Hem: 1.0 to 1.5mm
Stitch Length Adjustment Inside Cloth Plate Outside Right
Differential Feed - - 0.7 to 2.0 Ratio
Differential Feed Adjustment - - At Cloth Plate Outside Right
Tension 1 Rotation Thread Tension Dial
Built in Rolled Hemming 2 or 3 Thread Right (Narrow) or Left (Wide) Needle 2 or 3 Thread
Flatlock 2 or 3 Thread Right or Left Needle 2 or 3 Thread 2 or 3 Thread
Universal Presser Foot Tape, Ribbon, Narrow, Elastic, Application
Presser Foot Lift 5mm
Sewing Speed Max. 1,500 s.p.m.
Micro Safety Switch Not Equipped Equipped
Dimensions(wxDxH) 270 x 260 x 295mm 270x340x295mm 270x345x295mm 315x345x295mm
Weight 7.0Kg(15lbs.) 7.2Kg(15.5lbs.)