Quickly string your beads with the Swift Bead. Great to use for crochet and knitting wih beads. Add beaded fringe to your projects, and embellish with beads.

The Clover Swift Bead is the absolute best way to quickly and easily preload beads onto our working yarn. The tip of the needle has a ratchet-type mechanism that allows the beads to freely move onto the needle shaft while preventing them from sliding off. The flexible needle allows you to simply dunk the needle into a container of beads and string up many at a time.

To load beads, simply push the point of the needle into the container of beads. The point engages the beads, easily aligning them and the downward motion moves them onto the shaft. The other end of the Swift Bead resembles a needle threader. By inserting our working yarn through its opening we can easily slide the beads in the number and order we wanted off the needle and onto the working yarn. If you are using different colors or types of beads you’ll need to load them in reverse order. Remember, the last bead on will be the first off. Now that all the beads are loaded you can get to the fun part. And don’t forget, the Swift Bead also has applications to loom beading as well. Let it do the work while you create.
  • Needle length: 3 in (75mm)
  • Suitable beads: 15/0-11/0 (round beads, cylinder beads, etc.)
  • Handle with care
  • 2pcs. per package
  • Made from stainless steel

    Caution: pulling out beads from the needle tip may damage the needle.