Miyako bag handle is a unique model. It is a registered design that only we are able to manufacture. This leather accessory, made in France, allows you to make in a few seconds a bag from a 1 yard square of fabric (furoshiki). This removable handle will allow without damaging anything to make as many bags as you want by simply changing fabric or bag style using the Miyako manual.

Handle is 19.5" x 1.5".
About Miyako

Miyako was created through love affair both for Japan and the centuries-old concept of furoshiki. We are inspired by this universe to create leather handles and straps for DIY bags, but also a selection of furoshikis and bags in fabric or leather.

Our products are truly part of a sustainable trend:

Make yourself everyday objects, reduce plastic to prefer sustainable, a tote-bag in Miyako fabric, it's fun because the furoshiki is multi-functional (packaging, bag, scarf, headband, table art, etc.) eco-responsible and personalized!