The Dritz Twin Fit dress forms provide the seamstress with a body twin that matches their body size and assists with the fitting, construction, and alterations of garments. The forms fabric is a silver gray color with polyester fabric and foam backing for easy pinning and marking when making fitting, construction, and garment alterations.

  • Adjustable at bust, waist, and hips using dials; neck adjustable using decorative wood finial.

  • Adjustable back waist length provides up to 2in of additional length. and adjustable height allows customization of forms height to match your shoulder to floor length measurement.

  • Built in pin cushion on neck for easy pin access and storage Center pole can be used for fitting and hanging tops, blouses, shirts, jackets, coats, skirts, and dresses.

  • Pole includes printed measurements and an adjustable 360 degree pin hem marker for creating accurate, even hems.

  • Sturdy tripod base with metal legs and protective floor caps can be folded for compact storage.

  • 10 auto-set dials include inches and metric and adjust in 1/2in increments by squeezing and turning dials, 2 soft grip rolling wheels at bust sides.
  • Petite: Bust- 30in-36in. Waist- 22in-28in. Hips- 31in-37in.
  • Small: Bust- 33in-39in. Waist- 22in-28in. Hips- 31in-37in.
  • Medium: Bust- 39in-45in. Waist- 30in-36in. Hips- 40in-46in.
  • Large: Bust- 44in-50in. Waist- 37in-43in. Hips- 46in-52in.
  • Full Figure: Bust- 48in-54in. Waist- 41in-47in. Hips- 51in-57in.
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icon Small Size Adjustment Range

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