The Large Quick View with Removable Bins provides you with customizable storage solutions. The 13 bins can be placed in several different configurations within the box. Remove a bin to place your supplies within closer reach on your work surface The unique lid design keep the bins securely in place even when some bins have been removed from the box! The heavy duty handle and latches make this the ideal box for transporting art, craft, sewing and hobby supplies. Heavy duty handle and latches. 13 removable and stackable bins. Unique lid design hold bins securely in place.
16.5" x 13.18"x 2.37"
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icon ArtBin 6874AG

icon Large Quickview Sewing Accessories Carrying Case Storage Box with 13 Removeable Bins, 16.5" x 13.18"x 2.37" Clear Lid

icon Storage Box with 13 Removeable Bins

icon ArtBin 6874AG 16.5" x 13.18"x 2.37" Clear Lid