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Brother SA156 10 Pack of Class 15 Clear View Plastic Bobbins 1/2" High (+$4.95, You Save $5.04)

This is the +8 grams tension adjustable bobbin case. Formerly referenced in some manuals as having a "Pink marking." Check your part # for proper fit.

For use with Brother: NV1, NV1E, NV1500D, NV2200, NV2500D, NV2800D, NV4000D, NV4000D LTD, NV4500D, NV4750D, NV5000, NV6000D, NV6700D, NV6750D, SB8000, SE1800, VM6200D, XP1, XV, XV8500D, XV8550D, and others.

For use with Baby Lock: BLDY, BLDY2, BLJY, BLL, BLL2, BLPY, BLR2, BLR3, BLSA, BLSO, BLTY, and others.

Check your manual for part number(s): XC8167051, XC8167151, XC8167251, XC8167451, XC8167551, XC8167651
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