• For Use With: LX3014, SM1400, VX1435, XM1010

  • Genuine BrotherĀ® Accessory. Walking foot is great for quilting or sewing when matching prints or plaids or need to avoid fabric shifting. Straight Stitch center needle position walking foot SA132 quilting guide bar can be inserted on left or right side of foot for accurate stitch placement. Single needle hole prevents fine fabrics from being caught in feed dogs. Movable feet dogs assist in moving fabrics from both upper and lower surfaces.

  • The walking foot is a moving feed system that holds and moves fabric between the presser foot's upper feed dog and the machines lower feed dogs to better control difficult fabrics as well as multiple layers of fabric.

  • Great for quilting, matching prints or plaids or when fabric shifting is an issue.

  • Walking feet differ in the size of the feed dog, shank height etc. Please check your manual find the correct walking foot to fit your machine.

  • Walking Feet are not for use in reverse or side to side sewing as well as some built-in stitches that include other than forward movement of the feed dogs.
Click HERE for Written PDF Instructions on How to Attach Even Feed Walking Foot on Home Sewing Machines

Brother Walking Foot Attachments: SA107 SA132 SA140 SA169 SA188 Walking Feet

Learn to use a walking foot for straight line quilting like grids, in the ditch and outline quilting