Suit yourself with a stylish yet elegant looking mahogany valet stand .The valet is designed to keep your clothes well organized, wrinkle-free, and ready to wear. Your suit and its trousers have a perfect hanging place. Belts or ties have on-the-go tie holders.2 pairs of shoes fit on the chrome shoe bar. It includes accessory tray for wallets, spare change, watches and jewelry. The valet stand is a perfect gift for him.
  • A solid hardwood texture with a mahogany finish, equipped with:
    -A trouser hanger bar
    -Jacket hanger
    -3 chrome shoe bars
    -Tie and belt hanger
    -A tray organizer
A.J., Canada
The Valet Stand I ordered from All Brands was damaged during the initial shipment. All Brands was very professional and helpful with resolving the issue. The applicable placement parts were shipped quickly and hassle free. I would advise that All Brands inspect it's international shipments (when possible) to ensure that both product and packing are in good order before shipment (and affix Warehouse inspecton stamp when possible). I am pleased with the product (with the exception of a few small staple sized chips/dents on the wallet tray). Over all, my purchase with All Brands was a good experience. Thank you.

Tanya, Louisiana
Thanks for the service. The gift make my husband smile.

Clare, United Kingdom
Received the smartek clothes valet stand earlier this month for my husbands birthday. Just putting it together the craftsman ship is very poor and the packaging of the item considering it was being sent to the U.K. was equally as poor. Will keep the product due to the additional duty I had to pay etc. but my husband will use it for work only unfortunately instead of home.

Holiday Inn Express, Halifax, Canada
Your the best!I can really appreciate good service when I receive it. I hope they appreciate you at your company. You make me want to buy from All Brands.

Ben H, Woolloomooloo AUST
Hi, Just wanted to say I have been looking for a clothes valet for months but never found one I liked until now. Thank You. BEN

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