Prewound Box of 100 Bobbins x 135 Yards, Sideless Poly Filament Thread 60wt, for Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR650E, PR1000, PR1000E, Babylock EMP BMP ENT Embroidery Machines. Magna Glide Prewound Box of 100 Bobbins x 135 Yards, Sideless Poly Filament Thread, 60wt for Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR650E, PR655E, PR670, PR680, PR1000, PR1000E, PR1050, PR1055and Babylock EMP BMP ENT Embroidery Machines

Magnetic Core Prewound Sideless Bobbins keep the bobbin thread from backlashing in the bobbin case, which causes thread nesting on the bottom side of embroidered fabrics.*

  • Please remove any circular perforated backlash spring from inside your bobbin case when using Magna Core bobbins, so they have better contact with your metal bobbin case. (Remove perforated flat backlash spring from inside metal rotary bobbin cases when using magnetic bobbins to stop the bobbin from turning after machine stops. Magnetic core bobbins need better contact with bobbin case. ).
  • Fil-Tec's revolutionary magnetic core embroidery bobbin is the only bobbin specifically designed to sew without tension variation throughout the entire bobbin. The magnetic core, combined with our advanced EB "crosslink" technology optimizes dynamic thread delivery to create consistent tension from beginning to end of each bobbin.

  • Uniform Tension Control
    Our patented magnetic core creates consistent delivery throughout the entire bobbin. No more interruptions for tension adjustments as your bobbin gets smaller. Magnetic core prevents backlash or over spin and eliminates the need for backlash springs.

  • Fewer Bobbin Changes
    Our magnetic core bobbin offers significantly more stitches per bobbin reducing defects and increasing productivity.

  • Clean Running
    Advanced EB cross-link technology reduces lint and residual build-up in the bobbin case and tension spring. The result is a more trouble-free bobbin

    Filtec 12434 L size bobbin with magnetic core. 135 yards per white bobbin with 100 per box. Magna-Glide magnetic core bobbins are the only embroidery bobbin specifically designed to sew without tension variation throughout the entire bobbin.
Sideless Magnetic Core Machine Embroidery Bobbins
Style L - White
100 Bobbins - 135 yds/Bobbin


The P-15 Magna-Glide magnetic core machine embroidery bobbin is wound with the industry standard twisted polyester thread, similar to the Coats V-15 embroidery bobbins. The Magna-Glide embroidery bobbin is an extremely smooth sewing bobbin with constant tension delivery and no backlash or overspin.

Magna-Glide embroidery bobbins work best in embroidery machines with metal bobbin cases
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icon Remember to remove the anti-back lash spring from the metal bobbin case prior to use.

icon Always insert the magnet down into the metal case.

icon L Bobbin dimensions

The following is some of the feedback we have received from Fil Tec, customers and users of Fil-Tec Magna Glide Bobbins… Cintas Cincinnati, OH “We brought in one case of bobbins to perform trials. Imagine our surprise when our operators not only were receptive to something new, but adamantly refused to switch back to the other bobbin after seeing the staggering increase in stitches per bobbin we received with Magna-Glide.” Lands’ End Wisconsin “Embroidery operators complained in the past about how the following shift operators would reset tensions and how they constantly had to reset it to their personal liking. Since our change to Magna-Glide, tensions remain at initial settings. We no longer hear tension adjustment complaints from operator to operator.” Premiumwear Tennessee "Simply put, 'Magna-Glide' is a fantastic product." MOS Ltd. Slovakia "We ran the bobbins on a TOYOTA ESP9000 and they performed very well. We tested the bobbin in max. speed 1200 and 450 also and the sewing quality was excellent. The stitches were uniform and much cleaner, without defects and 25-30% more. We must say your bobbin is much better then the bobbins we used till now." Ensign Emblem Michigan “I have never seen such a uniform stitch throughout the entire bobbin. We have significantly reduced thread breaks. Our business is based on fast order-response and high quality work. Magna-Glide is a must for both.” Camp David Kansas “Our test is complete and the operators are begging me to order the Magna-Glide Embroidery Bobbins in. I will be contacting our purchasing department about ordering today.” ZSK Europe “The 8-head machine we ran in our booth during the Imprint Show has a design pattern of 148,000 stitches. Incredibility we completed this entire design with only one Magna-Glide Bobbin change!”
Following is a partial list of machines that are compatible with L style bobbins:
Babylock - most models
Bernina 180, 185, 200, 640, 730, 1630, Deco
Bernina "The Anniversary Edition" 435 or 450.
Brother - most models
Elna most models
Esante ESE
Hinterberg Voyager 17 and Weekender
Janome most models
Juki all models
Nolting (Fun Quilter, Hobby Quilter, and machines with L hook)
Pfaff all models
Simplicity SE2
Viking/Husqvarna: Rose, Designer I, II, SE, Diamond

I have a Brother Nouvelle 1500S. Can I use the magna glide bobbins in this machine. Because of the magnetic band in it I was concerned.
I use these in my longarm quilting machine.

Magna Glide bobbins work better in embroidery and quilting machines because of the frequency of high speed start and stop, and to prevent backlash of bobbin thread. But since they are sideless, Brother recommends only metal bobbins for their PQ1500S. Magna Glide bobbins may work, but Brother did not develop the bobbin case for anything but metal bobbins. As a matter of fact, the Brother bobbin case already has an anti backlash insert in the bottom of their bobbin cases to prevent bobbin thread from spinning off after abrupt stops. So it would have to be removed before trying sideless bobbins.
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