Three easy steps: Print, Peel, Press. For use with any inkjet printer. Paper-like print quality. Machine washable soft Pima cotton.

Milliken® Printed Treasures™ Fabric is the easiest way to incorporate favorite images into crafts, gifts, home décor or anything else you desire. Printed Treasures are a 100% Pima cotton transfer sheets (200 thread count). These cotton sheets are treated to be receptive to the inks used in home ink-jet printers, they maintain a soft feel after printing, and they can be machine-washed repeatedly without fading. It's easy, soft and machine washable! Iron-On 3 pc- White

Iron-On Printed Treasures lets you add a wonderful focal point just where you want it, drawing attention directly to your favorite image. It’s perfect for items like jean jackets, ready-made tote bags, and so much more.

3 Easy Steps:
1) Print
2) Peel
3) Iron

3 Iron-On Ink Jet Printable Fabric sheets
  • Quick and Easy
  • Superior Washability
  • Paper-like Print Quality
  • 200 Thread Count Pima Cotton
This packet includes 3 sheets
8.5 in x 11 in
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