Medium Plus 5" x 7" Hoop for the ULT Embroidery Hoops for a variety of applications. Size: 7" X 5"

  • Fits the Brother ULT2001, ULT2002D & ULT2003D machines
  • Also compatible with Babylock Ellageo, Ellageo 2 and Ellageo 3

Product Description
Embroidery Hoops for a variety of applications. Size: 5" X 7"

This hoop fits the following embroidery machines:
Brother brand embroidery machines:
ULT2001, ULT2002D, ULT2003D

Baby Lock brand embroidery machines:
Ellageo 1 (ESG), Ellageo 2 (ESG2), Ellageo 3 (ESG3)
Mary, Texas
Just discovered your website late last year and absolutely love it.

Andrea, Tennessee
Prices are competitive - Free shipping on most orders makes it real easy to stay with Allbrands - Merchandise is "always" top quality. Thanks!

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I was very satisfied with the process, product and very timely shipping. I have purchased items in the past from you and I am still pleased with your service.

June K, Henderson NV
I was so pleased with the swiftness of the item. But, why such a large box? I would order from you again, if I need ULT items. Thank you