Place your Featherweight on a forward angle to greatly improve the view of the needle and allow you to sit back in a comfortable position.

*Note: The Tilt'able works in all manufactured cabinets with inserts customized for the machine free arm. The only way it does not work is if the cabinet is not made to industry standards (i.e., a box) OR the machine is a flat bed that is bolted to the back and swings down/up in the cabinet and does not sit on a shelf. It is really better to use the Tilt Table on a table top rather than "in the well" of a sewing machine cabinet, where you cannot also use a flatbed insert in combination with the Tilt Table. John Douthat

Tilt your machine for pain free sewing.
Place your sewing machine on a forward angle to greatly improve the view of the needle and allow you to sit back in a comfortable position.

Sew-Ergo Advantage Tilt'able is made in Colorado.
Originally founded in 1996 by Tilt'able inventors Anna Zapp and Nora McCray, Ergonomic Advantage has since grown to include other products that focus on the comfort and health of the sewing community. Though our offices are located in Englewood, Colorado, we travel to sewing and quilting shows around the country so you can experience the amazing difference that comfort can bring to your sewing experience. Our products are sold at hundreds of stores. Use our convenient Dealer Locator to find a store close to where you live. If there isn't a store close by please contact us and we will provide you with additional information on our products. If you have any comments or suggestions about our products, we strongly encourage you to write us. We love to hear from customers!
How can I use the Tilt'able when my machine is in a cabinet?
The Tilt'able is designed to fit into manufacturer-designed cabinets. Simply lower the cabinet platform by 1/2 to 3/4 inch, and place the Tilt'able inside underneath the machine so that the front of the machine is the same height as the cabinet surface.

Which tilt setting is best for my machine?
The lowest tilt setting (the innermost notches on the back of your Tilt'able) was specifically designed for Bernina sewing machines. All other machines work well on any setting which gives you the best view of the sewing area, taking into consideration factors such as the height of your sewing table and chair.

Won't the fabric slide off in my lap if my machine is tilted?
No, the presser foot keeps your fabric firmly in place.

Is it hard to get used to sewing with the sewing machine tilted?
No! Try it and see! You'll wonder why nobody thought of it before.

Will it affect the sewing machine computer, or embroidery unit?
No. The sewing machine engineers have assured us that tilting has no effect.

What if I get the Tilt'able home and for some reason it doesn't work for me?
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