Note: Brother and AllBrands recommends changing both knifes at the same time to avoid the new knife blade from getting damaged or prematurely worn by cutting against the older blade. Worn or blunt knives will cause the material to pucker or stitches to be uneven.

For Brother Models: 925D, 929D, 1034D, DZ1234, PL1500, PL2000, 9600TD, 9700LD, 9800LD

Brother PL1500, PL1600, PL2000, 9600TD, 9700LD, 9800LD
Viking 650, 660CD, 680CD, 1000, 1000L, 1001L, 1002LCD, 1003LCD
Brother Serger XB0563001 Upper Movable Knife Blade for 734D 920 925 929 935, 1034 1134 1234 1634, 3034 ST4031HD Simplicity SB3734T, Pacesetter PS3734T
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icon Brother Serger XB0563001 Upper Movable Knife Blade for 734D 925D 929D 935D 1034D 1134DW DZ1234

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