For Bag Closer Closing Machines, GK-26-1A, Others, For Rex RX-261, Yamata GK-26-1A, NewLong NP-7A, Ricoma GK-26-1A, Gemsy CS-26-1A, Consew C20NS, Consew CN-7A, Consew C10NS, and Many Other Bag Closer Brands and Models

Bag Closing Thread - Size 12/4Ply White 4 oz. cones - Case Quantity. Sewing Thread comes 32 cones per case. cones - 12/4 polyester sewing thread in an 4 oz. size cone. High quality, smooth running sewing thread - compare to Fischbein thread. For use with your Newlong portable bag closer, Fischbein portable bag closer or any other portable bag closer.
High quality, smooth running thread. Use 8 oz sewing thread with Newlong, Fischbein, Union Special or any other portable bag closer. 12/4 sewing thread had an oiled finish so it will run thru the bag closer smoothly. This bag closing thread is 100% polyester so there is less 'fluff' residue to clog up the bag closer than a poly-cotton blend. Polyester thread will also hold up better outdoors.

Called by many different names – Balls of thread, bag closing string, sewing twine, or spools of thread – these are actually cones and not spools (a spool has a straight core with a flange at the base). Use polyester thread to close sandbags, paper bags of potatoes, woven poly bags of fertilizer and burlap bags of coffee beans.

12/4 gauge polyester sewing thread with oiled finish
Approx 7,560 ft. / lb. Each cone is 1/2 lb
15.0 breaking strength / tensile strength
8 oz cones are approx 4.5″ high and 3.25″
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icon Could you please confirm that you have put the thread that goes into the little hole? The hole helps to guide the thread.