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Like Brother KR260 on KH260 Punch Card Knitter or KH270 Electronic Knitter. TH260 Ribber Shown is attached to TH860 Knitter, requiring an optional flat table (wood or metal) to clamp onto so knitted fabric falls through the slot between beds to the floor below.

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TH260 Ribber Shown attached to TH860 Knitter, requires flat table, wood or metal, to clamp onto so knitted fabric falls through the slot between beds to the floor below.
For use with the Taitexma TH-260 Bulky Punchcard Knitting Machine

Double Jersey with Jacquard and rib
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Model: TR260
Gauge: 9mm(2.8G)

Click HERE for Silver Reed and Brother ribber adjustments to knitting machine pdf

Lena Green Video on Brother KR260 Ribber Attachment
Included Accessories
The main bed machines include:
  • cast on combs
  • claw weights
  • latch tool
  • transfer tools
  • spare needles
  • needle pusher
  • knitting cams
  • pre-punched punch card set
  • punchcard snaps
  • nylon cast-on cord thread
  • oil
  • wax
  • tapestry needle

    Ribbers come with table clamps, knitter ribber connecting carriage arm assembly, weights, and cast on combs.
As to the quality of Taitexma machines the facts speak for themselves. Not one Taitexma machine sold in the U.S. this year (2012) has been returned for a needed repair. The Rhode Island School of Design has been offering knitting machine classes for many years utilizing many different makes and models. They purchased 6 TH-860 standard gauge punchcard machines and 6 TR-850 ribbing attachments last year. They are evidently quite satisfied by both the quality and performance of these machines as they recently placed an order for 10 more units with ribbing attachments. ~Distributor of Taitexma Knitting Machines
Peter, will this work on Brother KH260?
Technically the Taitexma TR-260 should work with an old Brother 260. I've had other customers use a Taitexma ribber with a Brother main bed. However, ribbers are finicky to begin with and using one with a 7+ year old Brother with wear and tear on it I certainly wouldn't guarantee it. If I was to sell one under those conditions I would definitely include a no return on it as I wouldn't want to have a brand new ribber set up, used, and then returned because of a defect to a used main bed. Taitexma
Shawn agrees that as long as the knitter and ribber are set up properly the KH-260 and TR-260 should work. The TR-260 is very similar to the KR-260 but the spacing may need more finessing (fusing with) on the TR-260 than on the KR-260 . Knit Sew World