Want to get the most out of your BES® Embroidery Lettering Software program. This workbook is just what you need. Lettering's Sew Easy is the "Easy" guide to learning the BES software program. If you are familiar with and love Cindy's Digitizing's Sew Easy workbooks, you will love this one as well. It was created in the same easy to use, step by step format as her previous workbooks. Lettering's Sew Easy walks you through all the basics of the software and includes a BONUS of 10 projects to get you started.

Don't forget to download the BES 2 & 3 additions from my website. Cindy Hogan
"In BES® Embroidery Lettering, if you turn off the Sequence Window, Properties Window or Simulator, click on the View Tab. All the component windows on the screen can be turned on and off from the View Tab. If you hide a window (menu such as Sequence View), there will be a tab on the side of the screen. When the cursor is placed over that tab, the window will reappear. To pin the window onto the screen, click on the Tumb tack at the right side of the window. This will turn the thumb tack down which indicates the window is pinned in place instead of hidden." Cindy Hogan, CynthiasEmbroidery.com

Did you know that in BES® you have the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts? For this example, lets create a keyboard shortcut for turning on and off the Grid function. CynthiasEmbroidery.com

1. Click on the Down arrow next to the Quick Access toolbar and then choose More Commands.

2. At the bottom of the Commands window, click on the Customize Keyboard shortcuts button.

3. In the Categories window, select Home.

4. In the Commands window, select Grid.

5. Click inside the Press new shortcut key box, and then Press the Alt key and the G key on the keyboard. If the shortcut has not been assigned to anything else, it will say Unassigned. If it is an existing shortcut, you will need to select a different keystroke combination. In BES lettering, always use a keystroke with a letter (not the Shift key though) so that the letter is still available for entering text.

6. Press the Assign button.

7. You may now click Close and OK in where appropriate.

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