Roc-lon® “LL” ™ Utility Muslin Economy at it's Best 100% Cotton, 50 yard pieces, 37/38" Wide Bleached

  • Economy at it's Best
  • 100% Cotton
  • 50 yard pieces
  • Style #411 36" (92 cm) width – Bleached
  • Non-finished (Greige)
  • Doubled and Rolled

    Muslin fabric is practical and versatile. Muslin is a woven cotton fabric that has been used for centuries. In theater, it can be used for painted backdrops, curtains, and much more. Muslin is also used as a background by photographers.

    Muslin fabric is a staple for sewers. Muslin is used to make pattern slopers, which are practice garments made prior to the cutting out of the final garment. The intended wearer tries on the Muslin sloper and the sewer makes the necessary fitting adjustments.

    Quilters also love Muslin. It is great for quilt and comforter backs. Muslin also makes causal tote bags and re-useable grocery bags. It is excellent for appliance covers and sewing machine covers.

    These fabrics do not meet US Department of Commerce Standards Doc 33-FF-71 or FF-7-74 for flammability of children's sleepwear and are not intended for use in children’s sleepwear or related items.