This super fun giant flower pillow will have little ones squealing with joy! And wait until they peek in the large Peek-A-Boo pocket & find the adorable silly spider living inside. The perfect com- bo for naps, story time, any time a comfy cuddle pillow is needed. Little Daisy has a carrying hand- le and a removable cover for washing.

36” x 18” piece of batting - I use Nature-Fil™ Blend Quilt batting from Fairfield
5 (12 oz.) bags of fiberfill - I use Nature-Fil™ PLA Corn Fiberfill. This is an all-natural premium product from Fairfield.
3/4 yard of 5/8” wide hook & loop fastening tape
7/8 yard of 1” wide jumbo ric-rac trim or decorative ribbon
1 small spool of Button / Carpet thread - I use Coats brand
1 spool of coordinating all-purpose thread - I use my Premium Threads from Rowan

INTERFACING / NOTIONS NEEDED (for the Silly Spider Toy)

5” x 8” piece of fusible webbing - I use Wonder-Under® from Pellon®
1 (12 oz.) bag of fiberfill - I use Nature-fil™ PLA corn fiberfill. This is an all-natural premium product from Fairfield.
2 6” x 9” brown felt squares for the Spider’s boots and eyes
2 "Mother of pearl" buttons (3/8” diameter)
1 skein of (red) embroidery floss for his mouth
3 small spools of coordinating all-purpose thread to match the solid fabric, spots and brown felt - I use my Premium Threads from Rowan and Coats Dual Duty XP®

Scissors, Straight pins, Large safety pins, Pencil, Rotary cutter and mat, Iron and Ironing board, Pressing cloth, 24" quilting ruler, Chalk pencil, Hand sewing needle, Embroidery hand-sewing needle, 1 sheet of wax-free tracing paper (I use Prym-Dritz™), Turning tool (such as a closed pair of scissors)

Finished Sizes:

Big Nap Pillow - 48" wide from petal to petal (30" diameter in center) x 8" thick
Silly Spider Toy - 7” wide across the body plus 5" legs x 3" thick