Needle and looper thread tensions can be digitally established on the operation panel according to sewing conditions. Data can be registered on a pattern-by-pattern basis to easily reproduce the same sewing conditions.
  • Using conventional machines, it's often quite difficult to reproduce the same sewing conditions. This machine does it with ease. With this capability, the MEB-3200 responds immediately to material changes, significantly reducing the time required for setup changes or adjustments. The machine
    also ensures the consistent production of high-quality seams.

    Thread tensions can be separately established for various sections of a buttonhole such as eyelet sections and
    parallel sections.

  • The machine promises high-quality seams by smoothly responding to changes in stitch formation and allowing the operator to set a separate thread tension for the bartacking sections of buttonholes.
  • Thread tensions for the beginning and end of sewing can also be separately established. This helps prevent loose stitches or slip-off or raveling of thread at the beginning of sewing.

    Threading work can be more easily.
  • Since fewer parts need to be threaded, the machine can be threaded more quickly and easily than conventional buttonholing machines.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

Vertically driven cloth cutting knife controlled by a stepping motor.
  • The knife is controlled by a stepping motor. This enables easy adjustment of the knife pressure on the operation panel to suit the material to be used, thereby preventing irregular cutting.
  • Data on knife pressure can be registered on pattern-by-pattern basis to establish the best-suited knife pressure according to sewing specifications. Adequate knife pressure improves durability of cloth-cutting knife and knife guard.
  • Selection between the cut-before knife and cut-after knife can be made on the operation panel.
  • The stepping-motor-controlled cloth-cutting knife is free from the troubles likely to affect air-driven knives, including dull cutting and the breakage of parts such as the knife-driving arm. In addition, a large-capacity compressor is no longer required since the machine uses less compressed air.

    Separately driven right and left work clamps.
  • The right and left work clamps are separately driven by independent air cylinders. With this mechanism, the work clamps reliably clamp materials of different thicknesses to prevent the materials from flopping.

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    Thread Recommendations for Buttonhole, Button Sew and Bartack Machines
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All pieces of data on sewing specifications can be established/selected on the operation panel.