HOOPSISTERS Sewing Room is a view into a sewing room, maybe it's your sewing room, maybe it's your future sewing room? All the details are there from the dress form to the sewing machine to the iron and ironing board. Personalize the blocks to look like your sewing room and yourself, as you do what you do best! Choose fabrics to correspond to your sewing room curtains, walls and even your hair. This twelve block wall hanging is so much fun. What? Is that a HoopSisters quilt on the sewing room wall? Why yes, that's Drunkards Path. Download it Drunkards' Path too and this will truly be your sewing room. Available in 5" and 8" blocks. Formats include: .art, .dst, .exp, .jef, .pes, .vip, and .vp3