This spool stand can hold up to two King Thread Spools of cross-wound thread. Attach it to the handle of your machine for consistent thread delivery when quilting, sewing or embroidering! Included are several different sizes of plastic thread cones and caps, to accommodate varying spool sizes, and for better control. The vertical arm of the thread stand lifts the thread higher than the machine, which facilitates an even feed without added tension. Enjoy added versatility with the telescoping thread tower, which allows you to easily adjust its height to accommodate virtually any large project. For use with: DreamWeaver™ XE Innov-ís VM6200D, DreamWeaver™ Innov-ís VQ3000, DreamMaker™ XE Innov-ís VE2200 Also fits The Dream Machine1, The Dream Machine 2, Quattro 1, Quattro 2 and Quattro 3. Included with Brother Quilting machines BQ950, BQ1350, BQ2450, BQ3050
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icon Brother SA562 King Spool 3000-5500 Yard Commercial Thread Stand for Brother VM6200D VQ3000 VQ2400 VE2200, XV8500, XV8550, Quattro NV6000 NV6700 NV6750