• Reusable And Adjustable
  • Fits Any Measurement
  • Permanent Bodice Pattern Tool

    Medium Bodice Patterner Measurements:
  • Full Bust Measurement: 36" to 40" (92cm to 101cm)
  • Wearing ease Added by the Patterner at the Bust line:
    36 1/2" to 38" = (93cm to 96.5cm): 2 1/2"(6cm) ease
    38 1/2" to 39" = (98cm to 99cm): 3"(7.5cm) ease
    40" = (101 cm): 3 1/2" (8.5cm) ease
  • Basic Bodice Patterner (with Jewel, square, boat, scoop and V-neck markings) Front Set-in Sleeve Panel (with three armhole sizes) and Lower Waist Panel without dart.
  • Interchangeable Back Set-in Sleeve Panel.
  • Interchangeable Cut-On Sleeve Panel for cut-on sleeve styles such as Raglan Sleeves, Kimono and Dolman Sleeves.
  • Interchangeable Lower Waist Panels with bust dart and waist dart
  • Basic Sleeve Template for all set-in sleeve styles.
  • Puff Sleeve Template to create Puff and Bell sleeve styles.
  • Cap Sleeve Template.
  • Cuff Template.
  • Button Stand Templates with and without lapel.
  • Various Collar Templates to create Mandarin collars, shirt/blouse collars (with or without a stand), Peter Pan and other laydown collars - as well as Shawl, Revere and Notch collars.
  • Two Back Neckline Adapters to raise the back neckline.
Included Accessories
  • easy-to-follow instruction book
  • instructional video