Print your favorite applique patterns directly onto freezer paper from your computer to your,ink jet printer. Package contains ten 8-1/2"x11" blank sheets.

• Scan or download an image or pattern.
• Print onto sheets; no tracing necessary.
• Iron printed images onto fabric.
• Reuse each printed image over 50 times.
Appliqué Flower Wall Quilt Project Sheet

Using June Tailor® Inkjet Printable Freezer Paper
Finished Quilt Size: 20” Square


June Tailor® Inkjet Printable Freezer Paper
Computer and Inkjet Printer
Two each 9” square fabrics in 4 pastel colors for quarter-square triangle blocks
Dark Purple fabric
-One - 8” x 16” piece for appliqué Piece 1
-Twelve - 7-1/2” x 1-1/4” sashing strips
Dark teal fabric
-One - 8” x 20” piece for appliqué Piece 2 & 3
-One - 6” x 12” piece for appliqué Piece 4
Dark Green fabric
-One - 8” x 12” piece for appliqué Piece 5 & 6
-Nine - 1-1/4” squares for setting squares
Light green border fabric
-Two - 16-1/4” x 2” strips
-Two - 19-3/4” x 2” strips
Backing fabric: 20” square
Batting: 20” square
Binding: 2-2/3 yards
Thread to match

Use 1/4” seam allowances for all sewing.


• Using the 9” square pastel fabrics, create 4 quarter-square triangle blocks. Trim blocks to 7-1/2” square.
• Open the “Pattern Pieces” document (above) on your computer. Test print the pattern pieces on a sheet of paper to make sure they are the correct size. Piece 1 should measure 7” across.
• Remove all paper from your inkjet printer. Place one sheet of June Tailor® Inkjet Printable Freezer Paper into your printer so that printing appears on the paper side, not the shiny side of the sheet.
• Print normal quality, plain paper setting. Allow 5 seconds for ink to dry.
• Trim the 6 pattern pieces from the printed freezer paper sheets.
• For Piece 1 (the main purple flower), iron the pattern on the back side of the fabric. Cut fabric 1/4” from the edge of the pattern. Snip curves. Spray starch the fabric around the pattern. Use a cotton swab to apply starch if so desired. Press the 1/4” seam allowance onto the pattern. When cool, remove the pattern piece. This pattern piece may be used multiple times.
• Position completed appliqué right side up on quarter-square triangle block as pictured in the “Block Layout” document (above). Sew appliqué to block, stitching very closely to the fabric edge.
• For Pieces 2 & 3, layer two dark teal pieces of fabric, right sides together. Iron pattern to wrong side of one piece of layered fabric and cut through both layers 1/4” from edge of pattern. Stitch together the two layered pieces of fabric close to the pattern edge. Clip curves and remove the freezer paper pattern. This pattern may be used multiple times. Cut a slit, approximately 1/2” long, lengthwise, in the center of one layer of fabric. Turn appliqué right side out and press. Position, slit side down, on the quilt block with first appliqué piece in place. Using the “Stitching Diagram” (above), sew appliqués pieces in place. Press appliqués toward stitching to create dimension.
• Follow the Pieces instructions for Pieces 2 and 3 to complete Pieces 4 through 6.
• Complete all four blocks in the same manner.

Block Layout(.PDF)
Pattern Pieces(.PDF)
Quilt Diagram(.PDF)
Stitching Diagram(.PDF)