Master-Hooper® is a machine embroiderery & quilting aid designed to make hooping easier. Constructed from solid surface material the Master-Hooper® makes sure fabric and stabilizers remain flat, free of ripples & smooth. Uniquely designed to accommodate all machine embroidery hoop sizes.

*Compatible with the following Bernina models: *For Bernina models: B185, 200, 430, 440, 630, 640, & 730 Instructions included.

Welcome to the World of Master-Hooper!

This is NOT an Embroidery Hoop - The Master-Hooper is a hooping aid - There will be NO Embroidery Hoops included in this purchase

Master-Hooper was developed by a Machine Embroidery Instructor – someone who has experienced the time consuming frustration and difficulty of hooping their projects accurately, as we all have.

Master-Hooper is the faster, easier, and more accurate way to hoop all of your projects, in a fraction of the time:

• Master-Hooper fits all the hoops for your specific model embroidery machine
• Easy to use – Your outer hoop attaches to the Master-Hooper just like your hoop attaches to your machine
• It’s design keeps your hoop in place for hooping your project, allowing for faster, easier alignment of your machine’s templates on your project
• It allows your hoop’s thumb screw to be in the “full open” position, allowing easy, comfortable access
• Master-Hooper comes with clear concise instructions, as well as friendly customer service

The Master-Hooper will accommodate ALL hoops for your specific model Embroidery Machine.
Constructed from solid surface material, the Master-Hooper® makes sure fabric and stabilizers remain flat, free of ripples, and smooth. Uniquely designed to accommodate all machine embroidery hoop sizes (Hoops not included).

How it works:

1. Place the outer hoop on the Master-Hooper in the same manner you would place it on your embroidery unit. The Master Hooper holds your outer hoop securely in place for you, like having a second set of hands!

2. The unique design of the Master-Hooper allows you to loosen the hoop adjusting screw(s) wider for easier fabric alignment.

3. Locate on your fabric where you want the center of your design to be. Mark it.

4. Place stabilizer on your outer hoop that is attached to the Master-Hooper®. Place your fabric, T-shirt, quilt or any item you wish to embroider on top of the stabilizer.

5. Place inner hoop on your project and add embroidery hoop templete for accurate positioning.

6. Align the fabric's center mark (see #3) with your embroidery hoop template.

7. Tighten the outer hoop adjusting screw(s) and remove template.

8. Remove hooped project from your Master-Hooper® and place on embroidery unit.
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