Unique fabric for home insulation projects, crafts, wearables and home dec. Reflective material with Insulating Polyester Batting. 22" x 30 yard bolt.

Do you need an inexpensive way to insulate around your home? Insul-Shine is the perfect solution for drafty heat and air conditioning ducts or wrapping your hot water heater. Insulate the door to the attic and seal all the vents throughout the home when not in use. It's easy to add fabric for a decorative fireplace cover eliminating chimney drafts.

Keep the hot sun out of your car with a home-made reflective visor. Works great to secure your RV for the winter as well as protect it from the damaging rays of the sun. Get creative with Insul-Shine - it sews easily and that reflective shine makes decorative stitches really stand out. Make some modern looking home decor like headboards and pillows -what boy doesn't want a shiny rocket on their wall? We know you'll have a thousand and one uses for Insul-Shine reflective Insulated Lining!

Great for these Home Insulating Projects!

Wrap Heating and Cooling Air Ducts
Water Heater Jacket
Insulate Attic Door
Fireplace Cover and Vent Covers
Pipe Insulation
Insulate Coolers, Grocery Totes, Lunch Sacks
Make Cool Home Decor Items
Protect and Insulate Your RV or Boat
And much more!
Warning and Care Instructions

When insulating very hot items, use cover fabric to prevent warping of the reflective film.
Shiny layer faces item intended for insulation.
No Pre-wash required. Finished projects - Machine Wash and Dry.