"Pink and Purple Pinking Shears by Famore" Hahaha... Try to say THAT 3 times fast!

Note to our followers,
Famore Cutlery's Pinking Shears have undergone a complete transformation from mere design into a re-development from the ground up, bringing YOU the New & Improved Famore Pinking Shears.

Now you can enjoy Famore's new improved Pinking Shears with the ease of use – and we just know you'll feel our attention to detail with every cut ツ

Pinking Shears are used to make a jagged edge along fabric and at seams to prevent the fabric from fraying or unraveling... And they're very easy to use.

  • The Pinking Shear (also referred to as scalloping shears). Pinking shears cut the fabric in a saw tooth or zigzag pattern.
  • Woven fabrics unravel when cut on the particle, which results in seams ripping out and loss of fabric.
  • Cutting the fabric exactly on the bias helps in reducing fraying. This is perfect for many applications, including seam finishes.
  • The Pinking Shear is mainly used to reduce fraying and prevent damage to the fabric's unfinished raw edge, it is also used to finish seam edges.
  • On non-fraying fabrics, using pinking shears helps to reduce a dull edge from showing through when pressing a seam and adds a finished look to the fabric.

    Use the blades of pinking shears only for cutting fabric, in order to prevent dulling the blades.
    Keep the blades clean and oil them periodically. (clean excess oil off before cutting fabric)
  • Avoid cutting too many layers at an instance. It is best cutting fewer layers at a time.
  • Using ANY Specialized Fabric scissors for any other tasks other than fabric will dull them, resulting in rough cutting, shredding of fabric and hand fatigue.
Weight 5.3 oz
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icon Famore Cutlery 771 8.75" Pinking Shears, Pink/Magenta Handles,

icon Weighs only 5.3 oz