• This pad is 18 x 61 x 1/4" and will need to be cut to fit.
Paul, California
We had tried to get this product from several other companies. We placed orders, made phone calls and they never responded.

Linda, Illinois
Thanks, you are an excellent company and I look forward to future orders.

Sandy, Maryland
Your service representative went above and beyond to ensure I ordered the correct size ironing cover and pad for my ironing board. She was absolutely fantastic! You may be assured that I will shop with your company again and will recommend your company to my friends.

Dale, Michigan
We are just glad to find someone still making this product.

Yvonne, California
The satisfaction of finally finding an ironing board cover to fit is beyond description. I know, it's only an ironing thing, and who irons anymore anyway? But I do, and I sew, so I do use it. I have been looking for, buying hopefully and disappointedly returning, board covers for several years now. Apparently my searching expertise finally became good enough to find you! (The '4' is for the pad; I think wool has superior quality to synthetic) Thank you.

Lisa, Wimberley, TX
Yours is the ONLY company that carried the size I have been searching for 3 years. Glad to have found you.

Lyluma S., Boston, MA
A great company, fast service and complete product satisfaction.

Golden Hands, Atlanta GA
The GH-155 ironing board cover is made of a heavy cotton twill. Smooth on one side & the twill on the other. A cotton ducking, of course, coarse relatively speaking on both sides of the cloth. Aubrey Foster

Judy M, Old Orchard Beach ME
i do just about ALL of my shopping via internet, have done so for MANY years (i have difficulty walking so find it much easier to window shop via internet). Your site is excellent. i don't often need to purchase any of the products you carry but when i need to its the first place i look. keep up the good work. Delivery speed is terrific, selection is great, actually i'm sorry but i can't think of anything to improve.

Rosalie F, Green Valley AZ
I ordered the above and quickly received the cover only. I called and the pad was sent out and arrived a few days later.