Bamboo roll with scrim, 96" wide, 30yd roll, 19lb, 50/50% bamboo/cotton. Enjoy creating garments and quilts using this innovative new product knowing that it is easy on your skin and easy on the environment. This is needle punched onto a very light-weight sheet of scrim/poly-propylene.

What is scrim in batting
What is scrim in batting and can you use it for long arm quilting? Do you have to prewash or are there any other things we should know about it? I bought some Pellon made batting with scrim the other day. I had heard about scrim but can't remember what. Would appreciate help. Thank you. Sewbeadit

Scrim is a polyester grid that helps anchor cotton fibers. If you buy batting that says it's 97% cotton, it's because they've added the grid to stabilize the cotton fibers. It helps keep the cotton fibers from separating when the quilt is washed. When you use 100% cotton batting, you need the quilting stitches close together to keep the batting from separating. With scrim added to the cotton batting you can use wider spacing between your quilting stitches because the scrim will keep the fibers stable. Christine, Quilting Board

A lot of cotton batts are needlepunched through scrim now. Makes the cotton much more stable, can quilt lines further apart, etc. Scrim can make handquilting more difficult, but is fine for machine quilting. In general, you want the scrim side touching the backing of the quilt so when you machine quilt, the needle is punching the batting in the same direction as in the factory. (That's if you can tell which side has the scrim. Warm and Natural describes how to tell which side theirs is, but I don't know about other manufacturers.) Incidentally, not all batts that are needlepunched are needlepunched through scrim. Quilter's Dream cotton is needlepunched but does not have a scrim.There is no reason to prewash a batting that has scrim. Prism99
Legacy by Pellon Bamboo Blend Batting w/Scrim a soft blend of 50% Bamboo/50% Cotton. It is needle punched onto a very lightweight sheet of scrim/polypropylene. The scrim is lighter than most in the industry today, thus making hand quilting much easier, while adding strength for hand and machine workers alike. Strength has not been compromised in any way by using this ultra-light scrim. The batting will not stretch and can be stitched up to 8" - 10" apart

Pellon Bamboo Batting. Going Green’ is the way of the Future!
Quilters are very interested in consuming products that are produced mindful of our earth.
Bamboo Blend is produced from 3-4 year ‘new’ bamboo from regions in China.
The whole distilling and production process is a green process without any pollution or chemical additives.
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