Fil Tec 90wt Prewound Bobbins 12 x 105 Yards Clear Spun Poly Class 15 Prewound Bobbins Made in USA FOR Brother HE1, PE500, PE700, PE750, PE770, PE780D, VE2200, SB7050 Embroidery Only Machines.

*Also For Instruction Manual Specified Exclusive Use With all Brother Embroidery Only Machines:

Picture Shown is White Thread. However Black is Shipped from this page..
12 prewound bobbins x 95yds Clear Spun Polyester
Clear-Spun Class 15/A #90 Black Bobbins – 12 bobbins each
High TEnacity Spun Polyester Yarn 100 OTEX/2 Ply

This #90 Spun Poly bobbin thread is recommended by Brother for their embroidery machines such as the “HE 1, PE500, PE700, PE750, PE770, PE780D, VE2200, and the SB7050 embroidery machines. Also designed for Simplicity, Baby lock, White, Viking, and Pfaff domestic sewing machines. The clear plastic sided bobbin works in conjunction with the thread sensors , and consistently lets the operator know when the bobbin thread is about to run out. The bobbins run virtually lint-free and offer the operator significantly more stitches per bobbin than machine-wound bobbins. It also helps balance needle thread tension, and offers high tensile strength, low elongation, and low shrinkage.
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