The Press & Pin has all the features of the original Steady Betty, PLUS it gives you the ability to pin to the surface. Wonderful for applique, bindings and a favorite for holding a piece with tension while removing stitches.

The Steady Betty is a unique, high quality pressing surface that holds fabric down with little to no movement for a perfect press. The Steady Betty was first designed to aid the quilter, but has since found many other uses. The idea behind the Steady Betty was to speed up the process of quilting by making the tedious task of pressing much easier. If the pressing is done incorrectly it can destroy the entire quilt or art project. The Steady Betty is a precision built surface that keeps material and fabrics from slipping. The Press & Pin features a thick soft side that allows you to use pins.

Kathy from The Steady Betty domonstrates her wonderful products at fall quilt market in Houston Texas
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