JUNE TAILOR-Quilter's Cut'n'Press is two sided. One side has a grid rotary mat with permanent angles and bias lines; other side is a cushioned 1 inch grid pressing surface which enables you to square during pressing-additional grid features provide bias angle circle markings and bold center lines. Convenient handle. Overall area measures 13x13; Pressing surface measures 10x10; and cutting surface is 11x11.
Quilter's Cut 'n Press 11 inch x 11 inch Grid by June Tailor Inc
Product Description
One side features a June Tailor Rotary Cutting Mat with a handle. The other side features a cushioned cotton pressing surface. Great for class and travel.

Product Specifications
13 inch x 14 inch overall size
10 inch x 10 inch pressing area
11 inch x 11 inch cutting area
Other Images

icon June Tailor JT720 Quilter's Cut' n Press Rotary Mat and Pressing Surface

icon Cut on Side 1. Flip & Press in Side 2.